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Michelin Star Restaurants in Alicante

Restaurants that have been awarded with the MIchelin Star in Alicante are:


This restaurant has won three Michelin stars and it is located in Denia. This is a restaurant that, as you can see on their website, has great charm and it is not only in design and style of the place. The decor is well worked and, we have to recognized that the terrace is one of the best places for this restaurant in Denia.

If you are looking for creativity, beauty, design and quality, Quique Dacosta is one of the best restaurants in Alicante; in fact, one of the restaurants that you should visit.

Web: http://en.quiquedacosta.es

Tel:+34 965 78 41 79

eMail: quiquedacosta@quiquedacosta.es


This restaurant with a simple name has achieved a Michelin star and it is located in Cocentaina. In this restaurant, clients can enjoy varied and unique recipes of the place, amazing tastes and combinations. Also, clients can also organize their events in it. The restaurant is well designed, it has different spaces and it is of the most welcoming.

L’ Escaleta is one of the restaurants you should go if you want to enjoy excellent cuisine, as well as proximity.

Web: www.lescaleta.com

Tel: +34 96 559 21 00

eMail: lescaleta@lescaleta.com


An excellent place that can be distinguished from far. The building in which we find the Monastrell restaurant combines colors and architecture; only seeing it, you feel like going into it, as you perceive that it is going to be an amazing experience. But, besides the exterior, the interior of this restaurant is also excellent and it denotes seriousness, personality and great quality. Exclusivity and variety, either for a casual dinner or for a special event, this is the special place you were looking for.
This high quality restaurant has already won a Michelin star, but we are confident that it will captivate the heart of new judges and it will get many more in time.

Web: www.monastrell.com

Tel: +34 965 12 66 40

eMail: reservas@monastrell.com


This is another of the restaurants that you should visit. It has an amazing rustic design and different spaces that are of the most welcoming, which is something that we notice at the first sight as we approach it. But, the best of all is that it has environment specially designed for special or important events, as well as nice dinning places to enjoy a delightful meal with family. All the dishes that you can find in this restaurant denote a really well-worked preparation. You will realize it as soon as you star one of their best dishes.

This restaurant is placed in Elche and we are more than sure that it will offer you an excellent time.

Web: www.lafinca.es/en

Tel: +34 965 45 60 07

eMail: info@lafinca.es

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