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BEAT Restaurant in CALPE

Calpe is the Alicante town in which the chef José Manuel Miguel has arrived after his trip to Paris and Beat is the name of the restaurant where he practices a creative culinary and high level. Beat's headquarters are located within The Cookbook, a boutique hotel geared towards transcendental dining experiences. In this unique space beats the Mediterranean high cuisine of José Manuel Miguel, who in the past was a disciple of Óscar Torrijos and commander of the Submarino restaurant of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

Beat is the paunch of José Manuel after his time in Paris, a city where he worked for seven years and which served him to play two Michelin stars, one for Il Vino and one for Goust. From that time, a French style was printed in his kitchen that was transferred to dishes such as the red shrimp in four textures, a creation in which the Mediterranean spirit coexisted with the Gaul. The dish in question consists of a part in which the shrimp is raw as if it were a tartar, to this is added a warm cream, a gelatin, a mousse and finally, a bisque of the same crustacean. That same French spirit is savored in the pigeon of Mont Royal with its croquette, topinambur, seasonal mushrooms and artichokes.

Seasonal products and calculated presentations are two norms that are always present, from appetizers and snacks at the start to desserts and petit fours. Through three menus of different length you can see the creative exercise of the Valencian chef, a show that starts with several test tubes of the excellent extra virgin olive oil of Masía El Altet, Alcoi, product from the rugged Sierra Mariola. To taste it, an assortment of artisan breads with different ingredients with which to open your mouth before the arrival of the fun trompe l'oeil called Eggshell, a false egg stuffed with a real crab salad, chaplains, cashew, guacamole and fine apple foam. The commitment to the raw material of the moment is key: Peas del Maresme, a spectacular autochthonous rice pump from the Albufera de Valencia; excellent white asparagus from Navarra, Galician meats and fish and seafood from local markets.

For those who want to experience the Beat experience closely, table zero awaits them, a reserved space, unique to the kitchen, where you can observe the movements of José Manuel Miguel and his team while making preparations such as the Guillardeau Oyster of remarkable size in creamy background of arugula, tarragon and iodized ice cream or one of the favorite fish of the restaurant, the dentex of fish market with bread skin, demi-glace of wine, quinoa and watercress. Food made with heart, a concept that is embodied in the foie gras of the Landes with cocoa, cilantro, hibiscus and fennel or in its famous hare ravioli a royal with chestnut puree and game consommé.

The white and simple dining room of round tables with classic chairs and quilted displays of what it means to feel passion for desserts, a sweet heart that is expressed in the form of vanilla caramelized brioche with glazed chestnuts and toasted milk ice cream or with the strawberry bavaroise with black pepper meringue and citronella sorbet, a sweet final of French inspiration that at the same time refreshes by the use of acidic, fruity and spicy elements. To finish the banquet, a last sip of wine on the pleasant and Mediterranean outdoor terrace.

The Cookbook Hotel

Urbanización Marisol Park, 1A · 03710 · CALPE

+34 965 87 57 00


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