The project management has been entirely conducted by Enequilibrio. The internal layout of the house and the material proposals have been carefully studied by the project management team so that the spaces are perfectly suitable for the activities planned to be hosted, with the aim of ensuring that the internal order of the house, both functional as structural and constructive, offers an optimum result to the satisfaction of the user. 



Our goal is to achieve a high level of satisfaction regarding the energy efficiency of your home.

This means that your house has responsible and sustainable solutions, which have a greater comfort in the use experience and a significant reduction in energy consumption, emissions and maintenance.

For this we have thought of solutions of maximum efficiency in facades, energy production by aerotermia, underfloor heating, double flow ventilation with heat recovery, exterior carpentry with breakage of thermal bridge, water saving systems in toilets and taps, etc. .


The facade enclosures will be made with honeycomb brick of 1/2 foot thick, plastered inside with water- repellent mortar. Depending on the project, they will be clad on the outside with dry- stone and with self- supporting plasterboard with thermal insulation on the inside or cement screeded coat will be installed and reinforced with Mallatex, a fiberglass mesh, in order to avoid crackings on the contact area of structure and finally covered with waterproof plastic paint.

This system provide the building with the following advantages: Energy saving and habitability improvement through thermal comfort; lower heat absorption in warm months and less dispersion during cold months. Reduction of acoustic pollution through the material nature of its constitution.



The plot as a whole will be fenced and will have two access doors, one for pedestrians, which will have an electronic doorman and another motorized for vehicles with remote control.


Outdoor areas

The outdoor areas maintain the quality and design planned for indoor areas of the house, both in the use of high quality materials and top brands as in the configuration of the spaces with optional street furniture. Lighting outside the house and both road and pedestrian accesses are planned, as well as the garden and barbecue areas. The house and the plot will be delivered in perfect conditions of cleanliness and debris to be able to be inhabited immediately.


Swimming pool

The pool will included an outside shower, internal staircase and 2 LED spotlights. The extructured of the pool will be reinforced with gunited concrete and it will be finished with gresite or with the same pavement as the terrace.


Technical room

The house will allocate a technical room where the facilities of the pool and the different machinery of the house will be installated.



The road will give acces to a parking area. Depending on the project, there will be a closed garage with automatic motorized door and opening and closing with remote control. In other cases there will be an outside shade, in order to cover the vehicles.



We have taken special care of the acoustic insulation incorporated in each of the construction solutions of your home, so that you enjoy a good level of comfort in each room.


Temperature control system
The temperature control system is sorted out with an aerothermal system which provides UNDERFLOOR HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING AND HOT WATER by means of a high performance heat pump that draws energy from the outside air, producing clean and economical energy. This heating system, with no direct CO2 emissions, draws energy from the outside air to provide heating/cooling and it can be combined with solar thermal panels.


For this reason, the European Parliament considers it as a renewable energy use. Providing heat, this system is the most comfortable and healthy, as it radiates heat from the bottom up, does not generate dust, there are no sudden changes in temperature, provides uniform heat throughout the surface of the home and maintains the degree of natural humidity of the environment. In each room there is a temperature probe and it can be regulated independently. To provide cooling, the house has indoor units of low pressure air recirculation, which allow to select the temperature per room and with an extremely quiet running.


Exterior carpentry

Is designed in dark colour ALUMINIUM, that allows to create large glazed surfaces with an optimal manoeuvrability of the enclosure. The thermal break is ensured by a double 13 mm polyamide bar, mitred over the aluminium profiles. Easily sliding of the sash, even for heavy frames and large dimensions. Substantial reduction of the emission of harmful substances. Profiles of durable material, resistant to the weather and ultraviolet rays. It does not require maintenance, uniform surfaces, anti-static treatment (prevents dust deposition), hygienic and easy to maintain.



Kitchen furniture has been designed according to ergonomic and aesthetic criteria, with a clearly arranged composition and designed to enjoy each component that integrates it. Furnished with high and low modules with hidden handles and according to wall and floor surfacing. The worktop is designed with low-porous surface and highly resistant synthetic material.


Kitchen equipment

Many options are available, but in general with a 4 cm thick Equipped with state-of-the-art innovative and efficient appliances by BOSCH or similar, panelled to match the finish of the kitchen cupboards and including:

Induction hob with three rings.
Built-in fridge-freezer A++. Digital electric oven, self- cleaning, with several functions.

Silent extractor hood.


Stainless steel sink with two independent bowls with automatic drain valves, installed under the counter and stainless steel single lever tap with extractable hand shower and rotating spout.

The wall cladding is with ceramic or stonelike material of optimum aseptic features and easy cleaning,with white cement grouting.


Plumbing and sanitary

Installation of cold and hot sanitary water with pipes in recessed pipes made according to current regulations, with hot water return circuit, general stopcock and independent cutting keys in each bathroom.


Electricity, TV y comunications
The house electrification degree is considered HIGH, according to specific indications of the electrotechnical regulation of low voltage. It has been dimensioned to potentially contract a number of circuits well above its requirements, in order to have an important reserve for possible future uses.

All electrical junction boxes have been located at the rear of the built-in wardrobes, therefore, access to them when necessary shall be through the wardrobes themselves.

This solution allows the annoying plastic covers not to be seen on the walls of the house, improving the final overall finish.

The house has TV and FM antenna installation and wiring for digital television. Moreover, to enjoy the latest technologies, the dining- living room has pre- installation for a Home Cinema. TV outlets have been installed in each of the bedrooms, the lounge- dining room and the kitchen and a RJ-45 sockets to provide data service is installed in the dining-living room and in each bedroom. The electrical mechanisms are intended to be of high quality and modern design, finished generally in white, or according to the type of wall surfacing where they are located. Both electric and domotics cabinets will be fully equipped with same quality elements. The light switches will be the model LS 990 / LS ZERO of JUNG or similar.



In order to achieve an elegant and cozy atmosphere inside the house, a NATURAL STONE to be polished on site or CERAMIC TILE paving has been chosen, for the main floor, favouring the visual continuity between inside and outside as the terraces will be tiled with the same paving with a flamed surface finish that makes it non-slip. On the night area, bedrooms will have a greater comfort and warmth by means of a floating laminate floor.


Kitchen cladding

The wall cladding is with ceramic or stonelike material of optimum aseptic features and easy cleaning,with white cement grouting.



In the bathrooms and guest toilet the wall surfaces will be in ceramic or stone-like material with white cement grouting. For the floor, a laminated flooring will be installed, suitable for these spaces, water resistant and compatible with the underfloor heating systems. The sanitary fittings are from leader brands suppliers, with a modern design and in- keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of bathroom finishes. In the main bathroom, a 180x80cm bathtub will be installed. In the other of the bathrooms, there will be a slimline shower tray with different formats and dimensions in high resistance flexible white resins with antibacterial surface. All bathtubs and shower trays have a tempered glass partition with anti-scale treatment. The single lever taps and shower-heads are top quality, in high-shine chrome finish. In the case of bathtubs and shower trays the taps will be recessed.

The washbasin and countertop of the bathroom cabinets are fitted on wall- hung and in accordance with sanitary appliances.



Smooth plastic paint on vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Interior carpentry

To achieve a greater degree of security at home, the entrance door is intended to be armoured, with concealed hinges, equipped with a security lock and a reinforced anti- lever plate. The lock provides maximum security with protection against lock-picking, anti- drill, anti-bumping and unauthorised key duplication. The interior doors are plain, from floor to ceiling or with an upper strip, lacquered in MATT WHITE or laminated with NATURAL WOOD, with solid edges, perimeter draft excluder and glued door frames and astragals.


Plot cleaning

In order to start the foundations, we will be in charge to clean the plot and also remove all the land needed to realize the work.


The foundations of the building will be executed with individual reinforced concrete footings. The ground floor and outdoor terraces will be built on a floor slab over a rock filling, waterproofed with a polyethylene sheet that prevents direct contact with the ground.


Flat covers

Flat covers for not pedestrians, with a layer of concrete for formation of slopes, finished with gravel.

Thermal insulation of the roof is resolved by placing insulating sheets of extruded polystyrene on EPDM rubber waterproofing sheet.



The structure will be composed of reinforced concrete frames with moderate spans so that its behaviour to the building’s stresses will avoid excessive deflections that could cause cracks to appear on the walls.The unidirectional concrete floors will be on concrete beam and block with anti-impact laminate. The radiant floor package will be placed above.


Interior partitions and false ceilings
Interior partitions are executed by means of a self- supporting plaster board structure, guaranteeing the flatness necessary for the subsequent application of the smooth paint coating. In wet areas, water-repellent boards with rock wool inside will be installed to provide a special acoustic insulation. All rooms in the house have a continuous false ceiling made of laminated plasterboard suspended from the floor slab with a concealed structure of galvanised steel profiles.


The boards used are specifically for ceilings, obtaining an extraordinary flatness for its final finishing. This system has the following advantages:

The air chamber between the floor slab and the suspended ceiling boards allows the passing of all types of installations and the installation of lighting fixtures anywhere in the house.

The edges of the boards are designed so that the joints between these once filled are invisible and no cracks appear. Greater thermal and acoustic insulation. Greater protection against fire of the floor slab and the facilities that run through the chamber.



Building Project, Health and Safety Plan, Works License, Final Work Certificate, Certificate of occupancy or first occupation.

Technical controls

The structure will be controlled by a Technical Control Agent. A special control checking will be take by packs of the differents estructural elements by a solid slab ́s Quality Control Laboratory in order to certified the concrete slab.


Ten-year guarantee

The house has an insurance that guarantees a period of 10 years, the damages produced due by the defects origined or that have affected the foundations and structure of the building, affecting the resistance and safety.



Although there are many smart products available today, until they work together you do not live the magic of a smart home. Control4 offers power and performance in a system that coordinates the technology of your home, large or small and new or old, to achieve complete and brilliant experiences, interactions that fit with your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy . With a touch, dim the lights, play high definition music, turn on the heating, close the doors and connect the security system. Check the cameras or see who rings the bell, wherever you are. It's such a smart life experience that you'll wonder how you could live without it.

Our goal is to accomplish your desires, as we wish that you enjoy the house you dream of. 

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The combination of different specializations is one of the basic factors when it comes to making each of the medview villas houses become a reality.


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